Metal or Silver Swing:

The metal or silver mounted Swing is crafted with silver or white metal sheet mounted over carved teak model. Silver and white metal gives a huge touch of royalty and elegance to your interior. You can use it at home, restaurants or hotels. The process of mounting is time consuming and laborious process. This includes rolling of the Pure Silver sheets or white metal sheet (EPNS) under heavy rollers. After rolling, it goes under hammering, punching and nailing with special tools and hands only on the deep carved teak surface. Strong adhesive and nails also used to fix the silver  over the wooden carving. We use teak wood only for our silver mounted swings. Teak wood is known for its density hence good for deep detailed carving, durability and strength.

This whole process is learnt generation to generation from the carpenter artisans of furniture pieces of royal kings and emperors of Rajasthan. Most of the design are copied or modified from the wooden swings of the palaces and books of Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaipur. This furniture gives a royal palace feeling to the interior.

Pearl handicrafts is one of the top  most manufacturer, Supplier and exporter of Metal/ EPNS or silver mounted swings. We have been making and exporting more than 25 designs in silver mounted swings since 2010.  As per the requirement of the customers these swings can be customized.

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